Co-Ordinators: Forms




The following are some suggested methods for record keeping devised by co-ordinators using the Programme. Use of these forms is at the co-ordinator’s own discretion. There may be something here that suits your purposes.

  1. Class Management Card
    This has been used as part of a reward system. It is very useful for the co-ordinator, class tutor or subject teacher to track certain key aspects of students’ school performance.
  2. Class Record (Sample)
    This record sheet was devised so that the progress of a whole class could be monitored. Only those statements from the profiling system that students are working on are written in.
  3. Class Record (Blank)
    This is a blank version of the above form, which can be filled in for any class group.
  4. Cross-Curricular Record Card (Sample)
    This is very useful for monitoring progress within a class group in specific cross-curricular statements.
  5. Cross-Curricular Record Card (Blank)
    This is a blank version of the above form, which can be filled in for any class group.
  6. Master Student Record Card / Student Profile Record
    This is a form for tracking a student’s progress throughout the profiling system in both subject and cross-curricular statements.
  7. Behaviour Record Sheet
    This is a simple weekly behaviour sheet which can be used to focus a student’s mind on their behaviour in class.
  8. Student Record of Activities and Personal Achievement
    A student’s reference forms part of their Final Profile Certification. This form, which can be compiled throughout Junior Cycle, provides a student with prompts to record information for use in their reference.
  9. Record of Achievements
    A simple form to record achievements that students can use in preparation for having their references written.
Created: January 19, 2006 11:25.