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The Senior Leader is Lisa Kelly. Oide offers a variety of models and supports for JCSP Co-ordinators and schools. Please see below for relevant links:

  • CPD Autumn 2023: The DEIS and JCSP calender is herePDF File together with a flyer for DEIS Action Planning SeminarsPDF File

  • To book a place using the Oide online booking portal, please click here.

  • Application for various models of school based and telephone support can be applied for at this link
  • In order to support JCSP Coordinators and schools, we have compiled a list of FAQs available at this linkPDF File
  • To order JCSP resources, please click here (or cut & paste this address:   https://orders.pnpaq.com) 

For any other queries, please contact jcspresources@oide.ie


**General Data Protection Regulations**: To comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you are requested to register/confirm as a user for JCSP services. If you are a JCSP Coordinator, Principal or JCSP Librarian in a school running the JCSP programme, please complete this form. You are requested to register your details each academic year. Please also update your schools records here


September update: Copy of the emailPDF File sent to all registered contacts (Principals, JCSP Coordinators and JCSP Librarians) on the 20th September 2023.


Initiative update: Copy of the emailPDF File sent to all registered contacts (Principals, JCSP Coordinators and JCSP Librarians) on the 22nd September 2023 together with the Initiative BookletPDF FileRecommended ResourcesPDF File and for ease of reference, a copy of the questions on the initiative proposal form that you may wish to have to hand. A video "How to apply for Initiatives" is available hereNB: The closing date is 12noon 5th of October next.


JCSP Competiton: "Define the future" We are delighted to announce the latest JCSP competiton - details here with a closing date of the 8th of December 2023.  The entry template can be downloaded here. There are 3 categories of prizes: Finalist (€50 One4All voucher), Runner-up (€20 One4All voucher) and Recommended (€15 One4All voucher). 


RESOURCES TO SUPPORT UKRAINIAN STUDENTS: JCSP Librarians have worked to gather lists of appropriate resources for supporting Ukrainian students. These resources reflect the need for materials to support their initial entry into the Irish education system, as well as providing on going support. These include academic and educational, cultural and wellbeing resources, and there are a wide variety of items that can support students, families and educators.


EDITABLE RESOURCES AND PADLET WALL LINKS FROM JCSP ONLINE SEMINARS: All editable resources, New to JCSP, JCSP CoordinatorsDEIS Action Planning and Formative Assessment.


STATEMENT'S VISUAL GUIDE 2023-2024:  Visual Guide 2023-2024PDF File - UPDATED 11.07.2023


CURRENT JCSP STATEMENTS 2023/2024 - Listing per subject per year group herePDF File - UPDATED 11.07.2023 Statement family listings are now available to download on the Coordinators page here.


MASTER STUDENT RECORD CARD 2023/2024 - Editable PDF herePDF File - download and save to your device/school platform.


 A copy of the "JCSP COLLABORATIVE PROFILING 2023-2024 sheet" can be downloaded hereExcel File. It is offered as an approach to assist Coordinators in collecting JCSP student data within their school. Initially, you will need to download it, save it to your school platform before sharing it with teachers in your school. Each sheet will be a complete record for an academic year containing three tabs, one each for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. Subject to Coordinator feedback and any amendments to be made, we would hope to issue a new sheet every year.


JCSP Resources: (workbooks, posters) - Once you are registered, login hereFor information purposes, here is a listing of available resources ExcelExcel File or PDFPDF File.


Digital Library: Now with over 220 member schools, the JCSP Library Project Digital Library continues to expand. The library contains over 9,500 unique e-book and audiobook titles - with multiple copies of many of these bringing the overall total to over 33,000.  Over 57,000 books were borrowed from the Library last year and the borrowing levels continue to grow.  You can view our Digital Library Showcase here .

To register, enter your school details here and a set of student and staff logins will be sent to your school. Membership is free for students and staff in JCSP/DEIS schools.  


Stories for the Classroom is a wonderful classroom resource for 1st year students written by Paddy Kirwan of Our Lady of Mercy, Mourne Road, Drimnagh. It is designed to be used in the classroom on the whiteboard. There are 33 stories, one per week with exercises at the end of each story. Also available to download in word format at this link: Workbooks - JCSP 



Did you know that the novel IN PIECES is available free of charge to all JCSP students?  All 3 titles in the series are available to download from the JCSP Library Project Digital Library - in eBook and Audiobook format.  All 3 titles can also be purchased at this link:  EDCO 


 The JCSP Demonstration Library Project Charter is available here: 

Click on the Videos button on the right hand side of this screen to see JCSP in action in schools.

Please note: The former jcspliteracy website, www.jcspliteracy.ie has been hacked and we do not have access to it to re-direct your query. Please ensure you do not follow links to this website.                









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