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What is the JCSP?

The Junior Certificate School Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It originated in the early school leavers’ programmes initiated by  the Curriculum Development Unit. Currently the programme is operating in 224 schools throughout the country. It is a social inclusion programme that is aimed at students who are identified as being at risk of being socially or academically isolated or at risk of early school leaving before the Junior Certificate has been achieved.


The Junior Certificate School Programme aims to provide a curriculum framework that assists schools and teachers in making the Junior Certificate more accessible to those young people who may leave school without formal qualifications. It attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs. On completion of the programme students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements  from the Department of Education and Skills.

Further Information

These are some of the questions regularly asked by teachers and others unfamiliar with the Junior Certificate School Programme. If your question does not appear here then please e-mail it to us and we can add it to our question bank. The questions have been grouped for ease of use.

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