Digital Portfolio

(Category: Digital Technology Initiatives)
This initiative is provided in order to develop students’ digital literacy and self-assessment skills. The digital portfolio can be used to record, store and showcase student work which can be accessed by parents, students and teachers. It can also facilitate the development of students’ literacy skills through blogging and the use of digital tools. The subvention will be provided in order to provide JCSP students with access to a digital portfolio for one year.

This initiative can be closely aligned  with the PDST Formative Assessment using Digital Portfolios initiative. A free online course for teachers is available on TeacherCPD.ie. More information can be found at https://www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie/en/Training/Courses/Introduction-to-Digital-Portfolios-Post-Primary.html


• Please enclose in your evaluation a detailed description of the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative along with any relevant photographs of the activities undertaken (no direct student photos please).
• The evaluation should be submitted online at www.jcsp.ie.